New international commission seeks prosecution of Castro regime for its innumerable crimes against humanity




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Human Rights political leaders and activists from over half a dozen different Latin American and European countries announced the formation of the “International Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes Against Humanity of the Castro Regime”.  The commencement of this historic process comes to light during a time of increased repression in Cuba, in particular against women human rights activists and their families.

The following representatives constitute the International Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against Humanity of the Castro Regime:

México | René Bolio | Chairperson | Lawyer and Professor
Costa Rica | María de los Milagros Méndez | Human Rights Activist
Perú | Jorge Villena | Political Leader & Engineer
Santo Domingo | Hipólito Ramirez| Political Leader & Engineer
Venezuela | Martín Paz | Councilman & Student Leader
Uruguay | Martin Elgue | Political Leader & Businessman
Italy | Ana María Cervonne | Political Leader & Human Rights Activist

“During the first phase of this Commission, our focus will be on organizing, investigating and thoroughly documenting the massive amount of existing evidence available on the longest reigning dictatorship in Latin America. This brutal regime has kept itself in power for almost six decades by terrorizing its people”, stated René Bolio from México who is renowned for his human rights knowledge and activism. He added, “In the second phase, and ready with the evidence to be presented, we will strongly advocate for at national and international levels for the formation of an International Criminal Tribunal for the Castro Regime.”

“International law during the 20th and 21st centuries has demonstrated that Crimes against Humanity will not go unpunished. The objective of this Commission should send a clear message to the Cuban military, State Security and anyone else imposing repression on behalf of the Cuban Regime” , stated Hipólito Ramirez from Santo Domingo. “I would like to dedicate the work of this Commission to the late Mario Manuel de la Peña. He embodied the spirit of seeking justice, inspired by Martin Luther King’s quote “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, added Ramirez

“ We want to eventually organize public audiences in different capitals to gather cases and materials of crimes against humanity committed by the Castro Regime during the past 57 years and up to the minute. I believe this is the most important contribution that we can make to help cease current repression and that democracy and national reconciliation can eventually take place in Cuba. The Cuban military will need to decide between aiding and abating a criminal regime or taking steps towards a peaceful transition with democracy and justice,” stated María de los Milagros Méndez from Costa Rica

We will reach out to civil society inside and outside Cuba to establish communication and direct coordination with this Commission. Everything presented to us will be fully documented and investigated”, stated Jorge Villena from Lima