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YANG Jianli, Ph.D.

  • President, Initiatives for China/Citizen Power
  • Research Consultant, Harvard University
  •  Co-Founder, China Human Rights Accountability Center
  • Senior Advisor, Human Rights Foundation
  • Senior Advisor, Raoul Wallenberg Center for Human Rights
  • Advisor, UN Watch
  •  Advisor, Right to Nonviolence
  •  Advisor, Freedom Now
  •  Advisor, Freedom Rights Project
  • Senior Advisor, International Chinese-Tibetan Association
  • Member, Program Council of Forum2000 (Founded by Václav Havel)
  • Member, International Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes Against
  • Humanity of the Castro Regime
  •  Trustee, Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation


❖Ph.D. Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley, 1991
❖Ph.D. Political Economy, Harvard University, 2001
❖Co-Author of a Democratic Constitution for China, 1993
❖Survivor, 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre
❖Former Communist Party Official
❖Prisoner of Conscience of China (2002-2007)
❖Founder & Lead Organizer of the annual Interethnic/Interfaith Leadership Conference
❖Co-Chair, Geneva Declaration of Internet Freedom, 2010
❖Publisher, online magazine Yibao (Civic Forum in Chinese)
❖Signatory to Charter 08, a manifesto of Chinese Intellectuals calling for political reform in China
❖The Representative of the Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo at his Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony,2010
❖Elected Top 100 Chinese Public Intellectuals of 2009-2017

❖Recipient of 2013 Truman-Reagan Freedom Award. 2013 Harvard Kennedy School Alumni

Achievement Award, 2012 CEPOS Freedom Award, 2012 Morris Abram Human Rights Award (UN
Watch), First Freedom Pioneer Award (2007, Beijing Spring), 2007 Freedom Spirit Award (Independent
Federation of Chinese Scholars and Students in the U.S.), 2006 Democratic Hero Award (Asian-Pacific
Foundation for Human Rights in New Zealand),Spirituality and Justice Award (2003, All Saints Parish
Episcopal Church of Brookline, MA), 2002 Outstanding Democracy Fighter Award (Chinese Democracy
Education Foundation), 1999 Sun Yat-Sen News and Cultural Award (Sun Yat-Sen Cultural Foundation in
the U.S.), 1999 First prize in essay competition sponsored by “Central Daily” in Taiwan,1991 Outstanding
Graduate Instructor Award (University of California at Berkeley),1990 Outstanding Chinese student in American Award, AU University, AU Foundation in San Francisco.